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Mets swoop in overnight to sign Carlos Correa for $315m after Giants deal stalls

In a wild twist overnight, Carlos Correa agreed to a $315m, 12-year contract with the free-spending New York Mets after his pending deal with the San Francisco Giants came apart

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Are California nursing homes adequately prepared for wildfire-related emergencies?

Emergency preparedness in nursing homes should be commensurate with local environmental risks to ensure residents’ safety, but new research in the Journal of the American Geriatrics Society found that nursing

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Germany missed gas savings goal last week energy regulator

Gas consumption in Germany was 5.2% below the average consumption of the last four years last week but rose by 11.8% compared to the previous week, the Bundesnetzagentur regulator said

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Motorola ThinkPhone leak shows off a Lenovo ThinkPad-like phone

Have you always wanted the same carbon fiber Lenovo ThinkPad design in a phone? Well you might be in luck soon because leaked images of a “ThinkPhone by Motorola” over

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Achilles Heel for Glioblastoma Discovered a Rogue Protein that Turns Natural Defenses Off

A rogue protein that fuels the deadliest brain cancers has been identified by scientists in a breakthrough that opens the door to bettering what is normally a 10% survival rate.

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